About the Réseaux Agriconseils

Since 2006, Réseaux Agriconseils have been established in all 13 regions of the province by the ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) and the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) to optimize and bring together all consulting service resources.  

The Réseaux represent the MAPAQ in coordinating the government’s financial assistance for consulting services under the Consulting Services 2023-2028 Program and are active within the organization and in the development of regional consulting services.

Therefore, through your Réseau, you have easy access to an array of consulting services, which are there to assist with decision-making and help you conduct your business.

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A Targeted Service Offering

Depending on their region’s priorities, the Réseaux Agriconseils are offering financial assistance for various consulting services; this way, they see to their region’s development.

The Réseaux Agriconseils are helping agricultural producers and small-scale food processors find the services they need among those provided by various local businesses (mentors) and are providing them with a 50%-75% subsidy.

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The Mandate of the Réseaux Agriconseils 

  • Coordinate financial assistance 
  • Identify the needs of businesses and refer them to eligible providers 
  • Support businesses in managing their funding envelope 
  • Welcome new providers and support them  
  • Complete the necessary consultations to set up a diversified consulting services offering meeting the needs of farm and agri-food businesses 
  • Ensure discussion with various stakeholders from each region. 
  • Complete information and promotional activities on interprofessional collaboration 
  • Take part in the assessment of client satisfaction 
  • Carry out the compliance assessment of providers 

Administrators Attuned to Your needs 

The Réseaux Agriconseils are independent NPOs, governed by regional boards of directors primarily consisting of agricultural producers, with various stakeholders from the field. Among the members of each board, we find: 

  • regional UPA federations 
  • regional MAPAQ directorates 
  • regional La Financière agricole du Québec directorates 
  • electoral colleges of each region’s consultants 
  • community organizations appointed by each board of directors 

The representativeness of the members ensures that the consulting services are meeting the needs of farm and agri-food businesses from each region.