Check your eligibility, find an advisor and get financial assistance.

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Check your eligibility, find an advisor and get financial assistance.

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Whether you are an experienced producer or a new one in animal production, plant production, food processing, or farm tourism, some precious advice can really help. The Réseaux Agriconseils can guide you when selecting consulting services suited to your needs and refer you to the right advisors.

Financial Assistance Available: 50%-85%

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Financial Assistance for Producers and small-scale food processing business

Consult professionals recognized by the Réseaux Agriconseils and get financial assistance! The Consulting Services 2018-2023 Program is allowing a maximum assistance level between 50%-85% of the amount of the service invoice. The subsidy amount will be paid directly to the advisor–the producer pays the balance only.

Eligible Areas of Action

  • Agri-environment
  • Financial management and marketing
  • Organizational and human resources management
  • Proximity marketing
  • Agricultural practices
  • Breeding practices
  • Building management
  • Small-scale food processing

Don’t miss an opportunity for financial assistance! Ask your Réseau about it.

Financial assistance offered by the Réseaux Agriconseils are made possible through the Consulting Services 2018-2023 Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, pursuant to an agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.